This weekend is a long weekend here in Sydney and I’m house and dog sitting so it’s a great opportunity to get some life-administration done.

Now that I’m an officially registered marriage celebrant I thought I’d set up a Facebook and Instagram page for the business. I won’t get any clients if there’s no way to market myself will I?

Click to like my Facebook Page, Brenton Parry Celebrations or here to follow the Instagram page with the same name. As you can see I didn’t go with any of the names involving puns. That sort of thing was a lot of fun and some of them were really clever but I thought they might deter the more conservative clients. So there will now be hashtags used on my social media posts like #CeleBrenton #MarryWithParry and #thenakedcelebrant.

The Naked Celebrant may actually get a page of it’s own to do some more cheeky and more targeted promotion. I’m looking forward to performing the ceremony for my friends in August as my first ceremony then getting stuck in to do a lot more!