Timo Wilderness is a Finnish blogger who sadly, like lots of my favourite bloggers seems to have gone a bit quiet. Today however I saw that he’s posted a short video about a project he was asked to  take on by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland. It is a part of his “Welcome to Finland” series that I’ve featured before on Aussielicious.

This time Timo isn’t targeting the people from around the world who might go to Finland. No, this time his agenda is to promote “Near Travel” to other Finnish people. As he says in the video, travel to your neighbours house. Travel down the road. Travel locally.

I may be about to embark on a “Far Travel” adventure to the other side of the world but the idea of local adventures and “Near Travel” feels good to me. As I posted recently, when I get back from the trip I’m planning lots of local adventures to vlog about.

I hope this video is a taste of what’s to come and that Timo starts posting a bit more often. I really enjoy his quirky view of the world.