Anyone who reads this blog must know that I’m essentially solar powered. I’d rather be in baking heat than cold weather any day. If the weather has to be cold the dear lord don’t let it be cold and wet. As a result, this brutal onset of winter always puts me in a slump. We had a really mild Autumn here in Sydney and every year jokes go around about Australia being surprised by winter for the 220th year in a row and it’s true. We seem to deny that it’s coming until we have to put more than a t-shirt on.

Things at work are a bit odd at the moment. I’m not actually sure the business is going to survive so when I get back from Europe I think it’s time for me to start getting my resume in order and deciding what I want to be when I grow up. On top of that a big project that I’ve been trying to make happen doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen at the moment and that is also giving me the blues.

Add to all that, I’ve been going through a “I’m single and lonely” phase, so WHY on earth did I decide to click on a link with all these beautiful same sex wedding photos. Seeing all those people amazingly happy and smiling as much as is humanly possible just about tipped me over the edge. Sitting nearly crying at your desk when you are over tired and emotional at the start of the day was not a glamorous start to my day. Thankfully it’s ended with some great laughs with a friend and a nice quiet night in.

Now can I just go on my god damned holiday please? Fifteen more sleeps.