Last Friday night my mate hosted one of our occasional “Pants off friday” nights at his house. We have a core group of us that come along for a fun night of laughs and (several) drinks. We are always on the lookout for new guys to join in but we are often met with apprehension from guys. So much so that the host is not thinking of writing up a FAQ section to go out with the Facebook invite next time.

It would seem that most gay men only associate nakedness with sex and aren’t exactly sure about what they are being invited to. Sure, in the past a couple of the nights have resulted in some shenanigans but I would say that the core group now all just want to have a laugh and (several) drinks with no clothes on with a bunch of mates. Sure there are dirty jokes and silliness going on as there is with any bunch of mates hanging out drinking. The previous drinks we had been playing beer pong and the group was getting pretty tipsy when we decided it would be fun to see if the uncut guys in the group could squeeze the ping pong ball into their foreskins. As a circumcised guy, it was harmless fun for me with no risk of having to try.

There was also the time someone decided that we should do shots out of the uncut guys’ foreskins. Again, a no risk challenge for me. It does mean I have had a few friends cocks in my mouth that I hadn’t before but that’s no big deal with friends right?

In short, people should really try hanging out naked with their friends and not worry about what might or might not happen. It’s all probably going to be fun.