If you tend to follow hot men on Instagram like I do, especially hot men that tend to not wear anything much, then you have probably come across Misteroutdoors.  With a rapidly growing following he decided that he wanted to do something good for people but wasn’t sure how. When people started asking if they could buy prints, that’s when the idea for Buttforgood solidified.

Misteroutdoors has chosen three charities doing great work in the United States, fighting the good fight for civil rights in the face of a lot of opposition from the current political regime. Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union and Black Lives Matter all benefit from the proceeds of the sales of prints from Buttforgood.

While his butt is doing good it’s also looking good and that is obviously a large contributor to his success and large following. Whoever Misteroutdoors is, he’s keeping his profile low but his booty high and using it for good. An avid traveller, he’s heading to Thailand this year as well as exploring Utah and the U.S. a bit more. So I guess we can look forward to fun nude selfies for a while to come.