Winter officially started today and while we may have had 23˚C on Sunday, we haven’t had that this week. We have dropped to about 17 this week and what feels like freezing temperatures overnight. While places who get genuinely cold are prepared for it, every year it seems like Sydneysiders get caught by surprise not believing that it will actually get cold here. Well it does, by Sydney standards.

It’s got me rethinking my polar plunge idea for Iceland but I still think opportunities should be taken when they are handed to us. As long as I don’t die of hypothermia or shock I’ll be fine. I do need to buy some thermal underwear to wear under jeans in Iceland and possibly some gloves.

It’s only three weeks tomorrow until I leave and I’m dying to go. Work is busy and a bit stressed. Obviously I’ll get through it and be fine but right now it feels a bit chaotic. Travelling new parts of the world for a month is going to be so much fun.