With only five weeks today until I land in Iceland, the excitement is really starting to build. While we don’t have a long list of musts to do while we are there, apart from the penis museum in Reykjavik (yes, there is one), I am starting to think of things I’d like to do. Yes it goes without saying that there will be nude selfies on the black sand beach with blocks of ice around. There will hopefully be a beer enjoyed while sitting in a natural hotspring somewhere with my friends, preferably naked and I’m starting to think that if I’m naked on a beach with blocks of ice on it, I should have a go at a very brief polar plunge.

Growing up I swam nearly every day through Spring and Summer and as soon as the water was cold I complained and hated it. However as I get older I’m starting to believe that when life hands you a rare opportunity you really should grab it by the balls and go for it. Having said that I’m sure that after a millisecond in that temperature water my balls will cease to exist.

In the spirit of swimming with ice, here is a video of Kirill from Active Naturists and his friends “enjoying” an ice plunge after a Banya.

Banya with an ice hole at the Moscow River from Active Naturists on Vimeo.