My housemate owns the house we live in and he’s decided to do some renovations. Now I have no real desire to live through renovations but he is actually trying to time it to happen while I’m away on holidays. It seems unlikely that the whole thing will be done in the month that I’m away but I can hope.

In the event that I’m here for at least part of the renovation (new bathroom and kitchen) I am holding out hope that our tradesmen have a really poor occupational health and safety policy in terms of their work wear and that they turn up to work dressed like the guys above. The Aussie male culture doesn’t seem all that ready to get naked most of the time but if it is to make a joke, or when drinking is involved then guys seem willing to drop their pants in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know that I will ever understand the straight men of the world but my god sometimes they are fun.