Yesterday I was perusing Scruff looking for a little bit of fun, as you do. I started chatting to a guy and he seemed keen so I asked where he was. He just kept coming back with more dirty talk, never giving an address. This went on for too long and I just ended up saying “Sorry, but if you were really keen you’d have given me an address.” Then I turned off Scruff and put my phone down and got on with life. After a while I turned it on again before bed to find a few really snarky messages calling me a time waster along with a meme saying “You’re so fake Barbie’s jealous.” To be fair that line did make me laugh but it was the snarky level of pettiness that shocked me.

It reminded me of all the stories you hear of women being called a slut and a whore when they turn someone down. Very contradictory in that example but terrifyingly common. Why do people react so aggressively to something so unimportant? It was just a casual hookup and he was the one being a flakey bitch so I called him on it and got serious sass about it. People need to lighten up.

I get that when you’re horny and online things are exaggerated but a little decency and courtesy really wouldn’t go astray. I think I dodged a crazy bullet by not hooking up with that guy.