Two years ago on my last European adventure I reacquainted myself with the glory that is the Scandinavian man. The last time I’d been to Sweden and Denmark before that had been in 2002 and in Winter so although I witnessed the glory that is their cheekbones, that was about it. It’s too cold in those parts of the world to be lying naked in parks or going outside in anything less than 45 layers of clothing.

In 2015 however, it was a different and much less clothed story. In the streets the men were all impeccably dressed in that effortless style that the Danish do so well, fostering my love for navy and white striped t-shirts as well as glorious cheekbones, flawless skin and just general spectacularity.

This year the Danish will have to find another tourist to torture into feeling unworthy because the Vikings of Iceland are going to be subjected to my requests for spooning, kissing and a whole lot of drooling. The guy with the tattoos in pictures 1 & 3 above came to my attention on the gift that is Tumblr. I’m trying to work out who he is to send a formal request for spooning. The other guys are just more fine specimens of the men of that region. That’s making a wild assumption. They could be anywhere but they fit the bill.