Behind the scenes with Venfield 8 and Bruin Collinsworth from Olivier Lebourg on Vimeo.

After working with Chris on the erotic shoot on the weekend part of me is very keen to explore the realm of erotic art more.

Someone that does erotic imagery in a really clever and beautiful way is Venfield8. I have no idea of the real name of Venfield8 but that isn’t imprtant. A lot of their work is sexualised interpretations of high end consumer advertising with their tongue firmly planted in their cheek. Penises abound in various states of arousal but it’s never JUST about that. There are strange bedazzled storm trooper helmets in several of the videos and photos and lots of designer handbags. It’s beautifully done and never gratuitous or blatantly porno. It’s definitely where I’m looking for inspiration, maybe not for actual content but for tone and sensitivity.

Above is a new behind the scenes video from Venfield8 featuring Bruin in a setting that reminds me of luxury Miami, lush and green with a touch of camp. Below is a storm trooper video of dancer Brandon Anthony. Very cool stuff.

MOONR8KR : Of the night from V E N F I E L D 8 on Vimeo.