Over the 15 years or so that I’ve been shooting photos of beautiful nude men I’ve only photographed a handful, so to speak, of them in an erotic way. I’ve photographed a few guys for Themaleform with hardons, and I’ve photographed a few escorts for their work promo photos. Sunday’s photo shoot which is for submission to a magazine is really the first time it’s been creatively for myself.

The model, now going by Chris for these kind of shenanigans, was more than comfortable doing whatever I needed him to do. For a large part of the shoot he was walking around masturbating to keep a boner when it was required and partly because I think he just likes to. It’s always my intention to maintain a professional approach to whatever shoot I’m doing. I have no desire to get a reputation for being too hands on but on Sunday I was more hands on than normal. I painted the body paint right into his butt crack and I even had to wipe paint off his cock after he was wanking it with his painted hands,

It’s an interesting position to be in, in a studio with a gorgeous man walking around with a boner wanking himself. Of course I had to look at it. I was photographing it. But as a professional am I allowed to enjoy it or be turned on by it? The act of taking the photos means that I would never enjoy it as much as if I was watching it for the pure enjoyment but I’m only human. As soon as the e-magazine goes live, I’ll be sure to share the images with you all.