Way back in the 80’s we could all be excused for making some errors in taste, especially when it comes to fashion. Back in my closeted youth, or more accurately in denial, I would have crushes on male celebrities but somehow rationalise them somehow as if it was just that I thought they were cool or something.

My tastes in men have always skewed towards the clean cut boy next door look. As with food and fashion, as we get older our tastes mature and evolve. Nowadays my taste in men has broadened to include a bit of an edge or ruggedness as well. In the 80’s I was quite guilty of having a crush on the Goss Twins, the more famous two thirds of the pop group Bros. They were the epitome of 80’s cool. Chunky black shoes with bottle tops in the laces, unnaturally high waisted jeans with a white t-shirt. A black leather jacket was the only vague reference to being bad boys.

Yesterday I saw a poster for a reunion tour. They’ve ditched the third member Craig Logan and the twins, Matt and Luke Goss are going it alone after years of doing other things. In the poster the boys look like they’ve aged very well. A quick google image search suggests there might have been a bit of work done but they are looking pretty good. At 48 I hope I look as good.