Today was a big photo shoot that I’ve been coordinating for a several weeks now. Lucas a dancer I worked with a couple of months ago and I were trying to find a couple more dancers to work with on this shoot which proved to be really difficult. A couple of guys had had bad experiences with photographers or someone trying to use their nude modelling work against them so they were reluctant. In the end I paid for Timothy to fly down from Brisbane and a guy I’d not met before, Brodie to fly up from Melbourne. The flights were pretty reasonable and to be honest, after the shoot we’ve had this afternoon, it was worth it.

This very simple clay setup was just one of the elements we shot today. The other parts of the shoot will be shared later on but just the simplicity of the white clay on their skin works so well with their dancers bodies and the beautiful interaction they created.

Working with three dancers is an exhausting procedure. Performers have big personalities but they also have big ideas and it was a fantastic collaboration. After cleaning up the mess in the studio and resetting for tomorrow’s erotic shoot I came home shattered but very content.