In seven weeks today, yes 49 days and definitely counting, I board my plane for the marathon 36 hour journey to Iceland. It’s been on my bucket list since I was tempted to go in 2002 when I was living in London but couldn’t afford it on my poor bartender wages. Now, 15 years later it’s on.

One of the things on my Iceland wish list, is to have a soak in their geothermally heated water, naked of course, possibly with a beer and my friends. This morning I’ve just done a quick google search on skinny dipping Iceland and found this video. It’s a vlog from a cute guy called Shawn Kenny and his friends. They hiked 4km into a hot spring area and had a swim but he didn’t have any swimwear so he went nude while his friends didn’t. He’s the sensible one in my books.

I just have to survive 7 more weeks until I go. The question is do I treat myself to a new GoPro for the trip or no?