I’ve blogged about the challenge I’m facing with Sunday morning’s photo shoot with David where I’ll be mixing erotica and art trying to capture something beautiful and creative while being more sexual than I’ve ever been.

On Saturday I’m photographing three dancers together. Lucas who has modelled for me a few times in the past is coming back, Timothy who helped me create one of my most popular images ever is coming back as well, and last but not least will be a dancer from Melbourne called Brodie whom I’ve not met before. Most of my photography in the past has been fairly static poses but talking with a friend about the image of Timothy that was so popular, we decided that it was the movement in the shot that added so much to it.

Just coordinating and directing three models is unusual for me, let alone trying to work out movement and interaction. Thankfully they are all professional dancers and will no doubt bring their own talents to the shoot. Technically it will take a bit more skill and knowledge but the images, if they come out how my mind is seeing them, will be beautiful and hopefully result in a few more print sales. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful video of three mates/lovers/roommates all dancing and interacting that I found last night. It gave me a couple of ideas.

Bromance from Bertil Nilsson on Vimeo.