This article popped up on my feed today and a few friends shared it. It’s all about the growing trend of people posting nude selfies on Instagram while they are out and about in the world. God knows I’ve done it many times and one of my friends ( has gained a fairly respectable following from doing only that on his instagram account. Technically I believe that it might be in violation of Instagram’s guidelines but they seem to be keeping a sensible respectful view of the situation.

The Free Ranger isn’t the only friend on the list of 50 Instagram accounts featuring booty around the world. There are a couple of other friends, one in the U.S. and one in the U.K. who like me seem to enjoy getting naked in a scenic location and snapping it for posterity.

Just last week a woman I know was spending her last night in Iceland while she is on a world adventure of her own. I didn’t realise she was in the capital city, Reykjavik and not out in the wild. Nor did I realise that it was her last night in Iceland when I dared her to do a nude selfie. Good on her though, she got some bewildered tourist to take her phone while she stripped off in the middle of the street in a very chilly Iceland and have a photo taken. I was so proud. It’s such a liberating thing to do. Hell a good chunk of my friends get up to this sort of thing. Embrace it I say. Life is an adventure after all.

Go and check out the accounts of my mates on Instagram. From left to right, @beatthegrind, @cmcphers, @trottbags, and me, @aussiebrenton.