Last weekend I went out to my friends’ country property to have a weekend of fresh air and to help Russ build a pergola. The boys are two of my dearest friends and while I’m no construction worker expert it was fun to get out there and help. When I say I’m not a construction worker, I mean I’m more likely to be the construction worker from the Village People than any real builder. Having said that I’ve always liked the smell of sawdust.

Anyone in Sydney or Canberra looking for a weekend getaway I highly recommend Abercrombie Ridge and I dare you to take a nude selfie on the sign out the front like I did. This is not a paid endorsement I promise, I just love the place.

Knowing I was going to be heading out there I decided to vlog the weekend. Of course being new to this vlogging business I forgot to film bits and pieces that I had in my head to include but I’m sure I’ll start to remember it all as I get more practice. If you like it, go to youtube and hit “like” and “subscribe” pretty please. It all helps.

Life’s an adventure, go enjoy it!