David Alviar, along with Mike Matson and Brian Krauskopf decided for some strange reason to try and row across the Atlantic Ocean. They rowed 3,000 miles from the Canary Islands near Africa, to Antigua in the Carribean. When they got to the end of the row after more than 40 days they had become the first trio to row the Atlantic, therefore permanently entering their names in the history books.

Even though he’d just rowed all those miles stuck on a tiny boat with his two colleagues, David Alviar (on the right in both photos above) got down on bended knee and asked his boyfriend Stanley Lewis, to marry him. I’d say yes too. They are both bloody gorgeous and clearly David is incredibly determined and fit to have completed such an arduous journey. The Caribbean from what I’ve heard doesn’t have a great attitude towards homosexuality so I’m assuming it wasn’t the location that inspired the proposal.

Congratulations to the two guys on their engagement. More romance in the world please! It makes me so happy to see things like this.

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