One of the many reasons I don’t hook up a lot through apps like Grindr or Scruff is that so many guys are on drugs and after a long wired session of intense sex and for me that’s a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong. I like anal as much as the next guy but sometimes a nice simple hookup with a wank and a bit of oral is just what you’re after.

What I have learned in my time that things such as jack off clubs are a thing that exist. That would be a lot of fun. Years ago I went to a party that was a jack off party at someone’s house. It was bout 10-12 guys and while there was some oral that happened at the jack off clubs they have a motto of “no lips below the hips”.

A room full of guys jacking off together really appeals to me. Some of the clubs have a mandatory nudity rule which obviously appeals to me too.

Does this appeal to others as well? I’m pretty sure a lot of guys have had a wank with a mate or two in their time, this is just upping the numbers.