In recent months I’ve been chatting from time to time with a guy that I met online many many years ago, right back about the time I started blogging. David is a nudist from the US and he was the first ever entrant to my Public Nudity Challenge, the challenge that got my blog noticed in the first place by a lot of people. It was his shot (above) of him taking a break while washing his car in the driveway that he submitted and got the ball rolling with that challenge. The funny thing about that shot is that it was taken not at David’s place, but at the place of a friend he was house sitting for.

David is one of those people who is not concerned about photos being taken when he’s naked on a beach and he’s posed for a few photographers over the years and I keep seeing those photos pop up on Tumblr. It’s always nice to see a familiar face and cock on tumblr. David did a couple of shoots with a boyfriend he was seeing a few years back. The story is that they were in Florida and the photographer took them out to the Everglades and took the photos below. David said even the photographer was nude which weirded me out a little bit. I try and stay professional on shoots but when I thought about it I have stripped off for a swim after a shoot at the nude beach but I don’t think I’d ever do a shoot with models I didn’t know while nude myself.

I asked David if it was weird looking back at photos like this of he and a person who is now his ex. He said that because time has passed he can look back fondly and with a bit of a horny smile at those pictures. They are certainly a good memory to have.