Who knows if it’s inspired by my new found motivation at the gym and feeling a little better about my body again or just because the location and the opportunity collided, but this morning as I left my friend’s country property I thought I’d grab some nude pics on their property sign. I pulled up my car so that I could prop my phone up on the roof and set up the timer ready to go.

What I hadn’t counted on was that when I was on the sign, it looks straight up the road towards oncoming traffic. Thankfully three hours out of Sydney there isn’t much traffic in that part of the world. As I jumped down from taking the last photo though a small truck came towards me so I quickly pulled on my shorts. I was standing behind my car shirtless as the guy went past and I hadn’t noticed earlier that it must have been a rangers car or something as it had reflective visibility markings on the side and lights on the top. He must have seen me getting down from the sign as when he went past he gave the sirens a bit of a blast which made me laugh. I had panicked that maybe he was a cop but I don’t really think they would have done anything as there is no one around to be offended.

My nudity is usually kept to beaches or private areas and not on public roadsides. It was a bit exciting doing it even though it was very low risk.