The other day I posted about my new training regime and the sessions I’m doing with my friend the Personal Trainer. I think I’ve finally found a style of training that really works for me. The workouts he’s giving me are high intensity circuit style of exercises that use the entire body. He focuses very much on functional movement and engaging the core and using all the muscles possible. He works in a style quite regularly that he calls Animal Flow where there are lots of movements that work into each other and I have to say I’m regaining some mobility and flexibility that I was worried was abandoning me.

Today I was walking through the office and I noticed for the first time in a long time that I was engaging my core even just walking around. Slowly but surely I’m feeling a connection with my body coming back and it feels great. I’ve got more energy too which is great.

The workouts are killing me, making me sweat buckets and wearing me out but our goal is to get me feeling better in and about my body in the 9 weeks I have left before I head to Europe. Fingers crossed I’ll feel good and my arse will be back up closer to where it used to be when I’m soaking it in a hot spring in Iceland, steaming it in a sauna in Germany and tanning it on the beach in Greece.