One of my favourite YouTube channels is that of MarkE Miller and his boyfriend Ethan Hethcote. Like a lot of youtubers lately Mark hasn’t been vlogging as much but I still like it when he does. Last year Mark and Ethan went to a friends house who is a photographer and drag artist and the boys had drag makeup done for the first time. Not only did they look amazing but they had fun doing it. I commented on the video after watching it relatively recently that it looked like a lot of fun and that when I’d done drag for a party I found it almost empowering.

This is where the messed up bit comes in. Some asshole replied to my comment with “You probably think that smearing feces all over your face is “empowering” too.” So that’s when I called him an asshole and a homophobic fool to which he went off asking what the connection was between homophobic and cross dressing. In his mind cross dressing is usually done by straight men and not gay men. Firstly he’s mixing up drag and cross dressing. Two very different things. Then I pointed out that it was his mind that went from empowering drag to smearing feces in your face.

I’m so curious to try and engage him in conversation but you really can’t have a rational conversation with the irrational and let’s face it, the comments section of YouTube is pretty famous for a lack of logic and courtesy. In the meantime, enjoy the video of the boys getting dragged up.