In a very serendipitous turn of fate, a friend of mine needs a new logo. He’s a personal trainer whose style I really click with. The cost of personal training is not something I’ve ever felt able to justify when I can go to the gym and at least maintain the mediocrity I’m used to by myself. If you have loftier goals and want to rock a serious fitness model body then sure, spring for the trainer but I’d rather spend my money somewhere else.

Talking to my friend the trainer we came across a very happy deal whereby I design his logo and stationery etc and he writes me a program, helps me with motivational exercises and gives me some sessions. To be perfectly honest, he is contributing way more to this scenario than I feel I am. A logo is a pretty big deal for a business though so maybe it is more fair than I give myself credit for. So far I’ve done three of his sessions, two on my own and one with him and they are killer but while they make me sweat like a motherfucker and swear at him under my breath I feel fantastic when I finish them. We have a goal of making me feel better in and about my body by the time I go to Europe in 9.5 weeks.

As my motivation to work hard tomorrow with him here is a lovely little video celebrating the hotness of Pietro Boselli. Why? Why not? He’s bloody gorgoeus and as far as I know seems quite adorable. Update: I’ve fixed my blonde moment and put the video in now.