I’m back after four days away with my family and some family friends for our traditional Easter getaway. I’m still to discover why, in non-religious families we celebrate good Friday in the traditional way by eating only seafood and not meat. On the beach on Friday morning all we could smell coming from the cafe next to the beach was bacon and eggs rolls and they smelt so so good.

Our Easters are so much fun with lots of laughs, lots of Easter Eggs and lots of good food alongside people I’ve known my entire life. They are genuinely good for my soul I believe. You really can’t beat quality time spent laughing with people you care about and that’s what this weekend was about.

There are some downsides on a personal level. As the only single person of my generation there it was driven home once again when I was sharing a room with my 14 year old nephew and the family friend’s 10 year old son. It’s not the first time I’ve shared a room with these guys and it’s not a problem but one year it would really be nice to take a partner of my own along.

The coastal town we’ve been going to for several years is full of young families which is nice to see but definitely not my regular world. Having said that it does also mean there are some good quality DILFs around. How do some guys manage to stay so fit while being a father when so many get a dad-bod quick smart?