Perusing blogs full of photography, art, travel and general “stuff” as I do, the photos above by the fantastic Rick Day caught my eye, as you would expect them to. Dmytro Paladii is a ballroom dancer now breaking into the modelling world and doing it very, very nicely. Now based in New York, Dmytro is of Ukrainian and Greek origins and I have to say that I find that mix to be working very successfully for him.

Dmytro’s facial features are a stunning combination of chiselled masculinity but a gentle sensitive look as well. Can you imagine kissing those lips? Of course his body, being a professional dancer and aspiring fitness model is pretty much perfection. Of all of the photographs I have seen on a quick google search it appears that most photographers don’t really want him wearing many clothes and the reason why is pretty apparent. Mr Paladii is the lucky owner of a beautiful backside and from the underwear shots, a pretty good front side as well.

If you peruse Dmytro’s Instagram you will see that he does get to model some fashion as well and he does give some serious portrait goodness as well. As a photographer I would dearly love to work with someone like him. As a gay man, well I won’t go into detail but I’m having some thoughts.