Vlogging is a strange beast and one I’m not entirely sure I’m able to tame but it’s fun to try. As yet I’m not comfortable talking into a camera as I walk down the street and it gives me new appreciation for all the vloggers that I watch who do that constantly on a day to day basis. Drawing attention to myself is not something that I like to do out in public but I’m assuming that it is something you just get used to doing.

There are no grand plans for me to become a daily vlogger like Mr Ben Brown (used to be) or any of the big names. It appears that it’s a fast track to burnout and to be honest my day to day life isn’t wildly interesting. I will endeavour to do a vlog every week or so. That should be achievable.

With that in mind, on Monday I did walk around talking at my phone and filming myself throughout the day. Coffee did feature a bit but I’m surprised it wasn’t more. There were a couple of coffees that weren’t filmed. After all, coffee is life (for me anyway, I love the stuff). So head on over to my YouTube channel and watch the vlog. If you like my videos hit the subscribe button and the like button and I promise I’ll make more.

Remember. Life is an adventure, go enjoy it!