This new promo from AirBnB made me smile today. A lot of companies feel like they are jumping on the bandwagon of marriage equality, but an ever growing number genuinely believe and are fighting for the change that will finally see Australia legalising gay marriage. AirBnB is one of those companies that is doing good work, really promoting acceptance. The new “Until we all belong” campaign tells a nice simple but powerful message. I’m not a jewellery wearing kind of guy but I will be buying one. The cause still has a long way to go here in Australia I feel, even though we have all State and Territory leaders backing marriage equality and the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader doing the same. It makes it feel so ludicrous that we can’t just get it done.

There are a few videos in this campaign telling the stories of different family members of LGBT people. Check them all out on YouTube and head to to get your ring.