This morning I went and met up with a guy that is going to model for me in a part of Sydney that could easily be described as the Gay Ghetto. It’s a lovely leafy harbourside suburb filled with cafes and boutiques. I could never live there because it’s way too overpopulated with “the gays”. I love my suburb full of all sorts of people, the good, the bad and every colour of the rainbow.

Having said all that it was great to go there for brunch this morning and seeing all those beautiful A-Gays was good for my morning eyeball workout but my god it’s a way to amplify any feelings of inadequacy. These boys do NOT skip leg day as the official fashion item seems to be really tight denim shorts filled with heaving quads and perky buttocks. In one of my typical displays of contradiction I have never been part of the “cool crowd” and while I would love to be considered cool and hot, I also have no desire to spend so much time and effort creating that look and the lifestyle. I am too fond of beers with my friends and unhealthy but delicious food to look the way these guys do. Besides they are all in their 20’s and disciplined with their food and exercise regime. Good on them but that ship has sailed for me a long time ago and I never bought a ticket.

I’m also get intimidated in that environment because, of course there are “normal” people in the area but it does feel like you need to show your workout results to get in. I’m also just not a “cool kid”. Never was, never will be.