There is a model that I have worked with a couple of times over the years who has done some acting and dancing as well as modelling. On shoots he tends to wear a modesty sock over his junk to make sure there are no photos of it. He’s never even taken a dick pic himself to send to potential hookups. His reasoning? He wants to be a famous actor and is convinced that it would hurt his career. I thought we’d moved on from that?

These days it seems like every male celebrity has sent a dick pic to a potential shag only for it to end up on the internet. In years long gone it may have harmed a career. But in 2017? Half the Teen Wolf cast have had their dick pics and videos leaked in the past few months along with Olympic Diver Chris Mears and just about anyone that has ever been on reality tv. In just a quick search through the archives of OMGBlog I found all the guys above in about 5 mintues. From left to right we have, UK Rugby player Danny Cipriani, US Rapper Lil Romeo, America’s Next Top Model contestant Marvin Cortes, Empire actor Jussie Smollet, UK Diver Chris Mears and actor Jamie Foxx.

These days when a celebrity nude appears from a leaked selfie the only place it really registers are gay blogs. Orlando Bloom’s naked shenanigans only made such headlines because it was such a public display and because, like Bieber’s the photographer had to use a long lens to intrude on his day. I fully respect my model’s right to choose who sees his junk and who doesn’t but to worry about it affecting his career is hopefully a bit of an outdated notion.