When I first started out doing male nude photography I struggled to find people willing to strip in front of my camera. I had no portfolio to show them and no models to reassure them that I wasn’t some creep. Thankfully a few people took a chance and when others saw those images more and more people have trusted me. As a result I have about 14 years worth of photo shoots with dozens of wonderful models. 95% of the models I’ve worked with have been fantastic, enthusiastic and there to be part of the creative process and to make some cool images.

There have been a number of guys over the years who post comments on photos that I share saying things like “Why haven’t you asked me to model for you?” or “I must be too hideous to be asked to model.” Then there are others who start off innocently enough but within a few minutes you have photos of their winking butthole and a couple of boner shots accompanied by statements like “You must get so hard during a shoot, do your models get boners?”

If you are asking to model for me to prove to yourself that you are attractive or to validate yourself because you are feeling insecure, you don’t need to do a photo shoot. Firstly my camera is not a therapists couch and secondly if you are feeling insecure I don’t think putting yourself out there on the internet to be compared to the millions of beautiful men on Instagram and Tumblr is a great idea. People are mean and they’ll tell you exactly what they think.

If you are offering to model for me as an exhibitionist outlet to get your rocks off and you think my photo shoots are orgies or sexual shenanigans then as soon as I suspect you are there for the wrong reasons I will block you. Sure a model who is comfortable being nude and doesn’t mind being photographed frontal or even erect could be useful depending on the shoot but if you are too busy trying to get off the shoot won’t work.

Ask any of my models, my photo shoots are fairly quick, relaxed environments where we both work together to get a great result. If you want to validate yourself you can always commission me for a shoot but you’ll be paying.