After our first shoot months ago with Jorge nude on the beach covered in sand, he and I discussed doing another shoot at some stage. Jorge was keen for a studio shoot and he may have made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “the messier the better.” More fool him.

This morning after getting a coffee, Jorge and I, along with a friend Tim who came along to film behind the scenes, arrived at the studio where I proceeded to paint Jorge with white clay. Once we had him painted and the clay dried it became very apparent just how like a classical sculpture he is. Obviously he has more muscle than the Statue of David and is better proportioned in other ways as well, but with his curly hair and his now white skin, it was quite amazing how much he could have been a sculptors muse.

Once we had done the shots with all the clay, we then added some blue paint to the scene. I’d initially wanted to print a blue lace pattern on him but that didn’t work so we went with this running blue paint. To say I’m happy with the shots is an understatement. He is so easy to work with and brings a sense of cheeky fun to the shoot which is very necessary at that hour on a Sunday morning.