Some might say that a month’s holiday is treat enough and to an extent they’d be right. But in the last couple of months I have bought things to take on the trip to Europe. One of those things was a PRVKE 21 camera bag and backpack combo from WANDRD. Now I’m not sure if their kickstarter campaigns didnt raise enough for enough vowels in their names but it raised enough to create a great backpack. It’s not a cheap little purchase especially once you factor in shipping to Australia but it arrived last week and it is going to be brilliant. Everything else I’d found up to this point was either a great backpack but rubbish for cameras or the other way around. Check out their page and see for yourself.

Today was another little splurge. I had toyed with the idea of buying a cheap selfie stick for the trip so that when I’m vlogging, taking selfies or just taking video that I could do it a little better. Then I watched a video from Peter McKinnon, my new favourite vlogger who gives great tips and tricks for photography and video. In this video Peter reviews the Smooth Q stabilising gimbal for smart phones. Looks I’m fully aware it is 10 times the price of a selfie stick but it is going to increase the quality of any videos that I do way more than that. A few times the footage that I’ve shot of models for behind the scenes videos has been a bit too shaky to use. This will solve all of those problems for me. Fingers crossed that one arrives in time to go to Europe.

It’s three months today until I fly out of Sydney and I can not wait! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful video of Iceland.

Midnight Sun | Iceland – 4K from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.