Every now and then I have to admit I struggle to find things to post about on this blog. When work is busy and I’m coming home with not a lot of brain space left or too tired or frustrated about whatever, trying to string coherent sentences together doesn’t always work. Normally I would revert to posting some photos of a beautiful naked man for you to all enjoy.

Tonight I’m taking another approach and handing the reins over to you, my lovely readers. As you might know I’ve started a youtube channel and have been a little slack with doing any vlogs or behind the scenes videos. To kill two birds with one stone I’m going to do a Q&A vlog where I answer questions from you guys. As you all know, I share quite a bit on this blog but there might be things you have been wanting to know but it hasn’t been mentioned on the blog. Keep it polite. It doesn’t have to be PG rated but I will be using my discretion to decide which questions I answer.

If there is something that I feel is important or interesting enough it might get a vlog of it’s own or a blog post of it’s own but I will try and answer quite a few in one video.

SO. The floor is yours, leave your questions in the comments section or tweet them to me @aussiebrenton with #askbrenton and I’ll compile the questions.