Last year the idea of doing the course to become a marriage celebrant sounded easy. Then I started it. Now I know my tendency is to procrastinate and procrasturbate and I also know that I’m not a fan of studying. In the lead up to Christmas I was starting to get really nervous about completing the course in time but today I was officially notified that I’ve completed and passed the Certificate IV to become a marriage celebrant.

Now the wedding for the lovely couple (above) isn’t until August so why the stress? Well, there is a form that needs to be filled out at least a month before the wedding and at that time I’ll be in Europe so it needs to happen two months before, by late June. Given it’s now late March I need to now put in my official application to be approved and registered by the Attorney General’s office which can take up to three months. Doing the maths that means late June. I fly out on June 23rd. The friend who did this last year and inspired my own journey into wedding land said his took two months so that is what I’m hoping happens with mine.

Another friend from Circus school and his fiance (also from my circus school) have asked me to be their celebrant in November as well which will be a huge delight. One thing he said to me was that he thought it was a really special thing that I was studying to be able to marry other couples when I’m legally still not allowed to marry here in Australia. He’s right, I can’t but being the tragic romantic that I am, it will bring me a huge amount of pleasure to be able to do this for people.