When I do a photo shoot, I am usually really excited to come home and start editing straight away. Lately I’ve been so busy on weekends and in the evenings that I haven’t had any time to do editing. Just over a month ago I did a photo shoot that was one of the most demanding shoots both for myself and for the model.

Sydney was in the midst of a heatwave and on the day of the shoot it was about 40 degrees celsius (104F) and the shoot was happening in a circus training space that a friend runs. That training space has a tin roof with no insulation. When I finally get around to editing the behind the scenes video you’ll see that my shorts looked like I’d wet my pants, dripping wet from sweat. My model, Lucas was sweaty and hot as well but he also had the burden of getting some rope burns from dangling from the roof.

By the time I got home I think I had mild heat stroke and I barely moved from the lounge all evening. The shoot itself isn’t one that is going to make me famous. I wasn’t in great form with the lighting and it wasn’t something I could take a long time to get right under the hot conditions and with the model in pain. Ultimately there are a handful of shots that I’m happy with though so I’m calling it a mild success.