When we think of wrestling we think of high camp, totally fake made-for-tv spectacles that are filled with straight guys right? Not necessarily. This beefy slab of goodness is Anthony Bowens, a professional wrestler in the U.S. At 93kg (205lb) and 5’10” he’s not as massive as he looks but I’d say he’s pretty solid.

Anthony recently came out as Bisexual in a column on Outsports after a video (below) he did on youtube with his boyfriend was seen by some wrestling colleagues. In the video his boyfriend casually refers to Bowers as his “boyfriend” and at the time Bowers didn’t think anything of it. Some other wrestlers saw the video and one of them texted Anthony asking “Why didn’t you tell me?”

From there on out the response from friends and other wrestlers has been nothing but positive. Exactly as it should be. The bisexuals of this world need more recognition instead of being told they don’t exist.