There is a guy here in Sydney who has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a crazy troll. He and I were friends on Facebook for a while but I deleted him after getting a whiff of his crazy. There are some people who are high functioning crazies and there are others, like this guy, who reek of it like cheap aftershave.

He’s been posting very nasty, barely literate rants full of judgement at other gay guys he knows. He throws around a lot of religious grand-standing and moral superiority. Particularly high on his hit list are people in open relationships. Using his religious “morals” as a battering ram to drive home the classic slut-shaming message of someone filled with internalised homophobia.

Now I’d cope, albeit confused and troubled, if he just ranted and lived the life that he claims but no. Just like your toe-tapping-in-a-bathroom-stall Republican conservative, he’s awash with double standards. There is at least one video of him on Tumblr outing himself as a hypocrite. I have found countless photos and videos of friends on Tumblr, innocently naked or being decidedly not-innocent and I love it. Get your slut on if that’s your thing, just don’t judge others for doing it.

The one video I have seen he is literally gagging on his double standards, disguised as the enormous cock of someone in an open relationship. The very thing he’s most fond of judging harshly. Maybe he was trying to suck the bad behaviour out of the guy?