My usual batch of Youtubers all seem to be posting a little bit less frequently at the moment so I’ve been finding myself searching for other things to watch. Of course when you watch one thing you get bombarded with suggested videos of a similar nature. I posted a video of two hotties doing kilted yoga a couple of weeks ago and then all of a sudden I was recommended to go and watch The Kilted Coaches. So I did. If you like your men muscled with a cheeky grin, a beard and in a kilt then these guys are for you. They have the most gorgeous Scottish accent and you frequently see their bums. It feels like their channel is still finding it’s way but it’s got lots to offer in terms of sex appeal and genuine workout options.

One of the videos I watched the other day is their Cardio P.I.S.H. video which has a circuit style of workout. One of the boys was facing down wind doing burpees which makes for entertaining viewing even though you don’t get to see anything really. It’s also quite funny to watch them try and preserve their modesty while they do crunches. True Scotsmen indeed.

This is the style of workout I’m trying to do. Pushing weights just isn’t really doing it for me at the moment and I’m almost enjoying getting my sweat on and my heart rate up. Now, can I do it with these two lads?