On the mornings that I go to the gym I set my alarm for 5.35am. It goes off, I swear at it then turn it off. From there I stumble to the kitchen and make my pre-workout drink because I’m not training without something to wake me up. Then it’s in to the bathroom to have a pee then clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and head out the door. Now there is a radio breakfast show that starts at 6am so I don’t get to listen to that until after the gym but this morning the hosts were already on as I drove up the street. It turns out I’d set my alarm for 6.35am instead. I was meeting a friend for a quick coffee as we usually do at 7am after the gym so today it was a quick duck into the gym straight into the shower and get dressed again.

There was a perk. I got to see the hot tall new guy who isn’t shy as he was towelling off. Meaty beautiful uncut cock and a gorgeous chest with great big flat nipples. Mmmm tasty.

All that means that my plans to do a good fat burning, cardio interval workout went right out the window. The pre-workout combined with a coffee 20 minutes later means that not only was I wide awake but I think i could hear colours and see noises. It was a slightly jittery start to the morning. Yay for the meaty uncut cock and great nipples though.