Today I saw something that shocked me. Not in a “where is the justice in the world” level of atrocity but more of a “wow, sit down and shut up buddy” kind of thing.

A photographer that I’ve not long been following on Instagram posted a screen shot of an exchange he’d had with a model. The model was essentially asking the photographer to cover at least half of a plane ticket if he was going to travel interstate (in the U.S.) and pose nude for the photographer. Apparently that was deeply offensive to the photographer. He said he wasn’t that bloody desperate and the model was ugly anyway. All of the photographer’s followers were applauding him.

Unless I missed part of the conversation I am quite disgusted by the photographer’s attitude. If the model is flying interstate and posing nude for you, it’s not unreasonable for them to expect some compensation. I can’t really afford to pay models but I have done and if they ask I politely explain my situation and see if there is a compromise. I don’t act like a spoilt white frat boy living in his parents basement when a girl turns him down on Tindr.

To try and shame the model for having the self respect to ask for some compensation for his time and body is outrageous.