Today I’ve been thinking that I may as well have been high on ecstasy over the weekend for the way I’ve been feeling. It’s like the come down from a drug high but without the twitchy feeling. I’ve been grumpy and really quite sad for no apparent reason. Sure I’m probably still catching up on a bit of sleep but I actually think it’s something else.

After all the lead up and all the rehearsals, even though we had fun walking up the street, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I don’t feel like I’ve had the pay off that I need. It was a little bit anticlimactic in the end. That is absolutely no criticism of anyone or a complaint about the situation. These things happen and we are not the first float to lose our sound in the parade and we certainly won’t be the last. I had been so looking forward to dancing that routine all the way up the parade, even if I did have to shimmy at my own butt all the way.

Around the world Mardi Gras takes on different forms. In places like New Orleans it seems to mean getting your dick out to score some shiny beads that you’ll never need again and I’m perfectly fine with that. As you can see in the photos above and more over at Cocktails and Cock Talk, there are a plethora of hot looking men getting some lovely cocks out.  This sort of thing should be encouraged, don’t you think? I’d probably have the blues after that kind of Mardi Gras too because hot men weren’t lobbing their cock out in the street any more.