My housemate is one of those “straight acting” or “masculine” gay men. He doesn’t understand camp guys and actually judges them quite a bit. That attitude kinda pisses me off so I love making him squirm a bit. Since it was the Mardi Gras parade last night and our outfits were white but we were allowed to accessorise and add colour I decided to go and get my first ever manicure and get my nails painted in different colours from the rainbow. When I showed my housemate he sort of frowned and laughed awkwardly. Then it was time to really pushed his buttons.

He loves a hairy guy, almost to the point of the hairier the better. So I said if my nails weird you out I’m about to really make you uncomfortable by shaving my legs. In his head there is no valid reason for a man to want to shave his legs unless there is an elite level sporting requirement. “Why would you want to do that he said?” looking at me in horror. Um… because I can, I want to and it’s my body. It’s not like I’m trying to turn him on anyway.

Gay men really don’t do themselves any favours with such narrow minded thinking. Sure we want equality and we need to end discrimination but there is no chance of doing that if we are the ones discriminating against ourselves.

In terms of the parade last night, it didn’t all go to plan. Our speakers blew out after about 150 metres of the parade that goes for about 2.5 kilometres. So instead of our choreographed routine we were reduced to smiling and waving. Not quite the impact we had planned. It was still a lot of fun and I’m very glad to have been a part of it.