Something I’ve been thinking about in the lead up to Mardi Gras is how many companies are now supporting Mardi Gras. Years ago it would have been almost impossible to get a company to sponsor a float but now it seems like every store in Sydney has a Mardi Gras display. I love that it’s now so visible and acceptable to support the gay community but are they doing it ethically and financially or just visibly?

A large chain of hardware mega-stores here in Australia has even had rainbow arches in some of it’s Sydney stores and I’d be pretty comfortable betting that they haven’t done anything financially to support Mardi Gras or LGBT rights. Other companies such as the ANZ Bank do a lot for social equity and are big financial sponsors of the parade.

This ad from Coca-Cola is a very amusing take on their hot tradesmen genre. In this case a brother and sister are both lusting after the pool boy and there is no difference in the treatment of the boy from the girl. We need more of this kind of advertising I say!