There is something about young men that makes me cringe and inspires me in equal parts. Men in their early twenties have a sense of invincibility that defies all rational thought but at times I think it’s good to hang on to that in a measured way as we get older. I’d be so much better at aerial silks if I had that feeling of indestructibility but that is not to be. As we get older we naturally get more hesitant and that’s probably because we can put our back out with a good sneeze or a bad night’s sleep.

These two guys, Jaan Roose and Tauri Vahesaar are clearly still in the prime of their fearlessness. It doesn’t hurt that they have some mad skills when it comes to trick-lining, being sponsored athletes for Gibbon Slacklines. It also doesn’t hurt that they are both very good looking and fit guys hailing from goodness knows where in Europe. Tauri’s website has language options in English, German and I think Estonian?

This video is so much more creative than most of the slackline videos you see online. It’s way more bold and edgy than this video that I posted a while back. These guys must have sustained some bruises in making this but it looks like they had a lot of fun. Film maker Mart Madison has taken the time and clearly has the skill to shoot a really successful video. Just how tired do you think these guys were by the end of filming?