On the weekend I was looking for a little fun to be had on Grindr or Scruff and started chatting to a hot guy that lives around the area somewhere nearby. It was very quickly made clear that he likes to be dominated. He’s got a boyfriend who isn’t really into the dominating thing so he gets that elsewhere with the knowledge of his boyfriend. He sent me a few photos and while it was a lovely looking cock, it was small but that had become part of his submissive identity.

He loved the idea of me and a friend or friends all fucking him and totally dominating him. He even said in one message “Let me be just a guy with an open hole and a small useless cock”. In a different message he also said “willing hole and a small soft useless cock.” I don’t understand. Does he like to be dominated so much that all of his pleasure is from satisfying whoever is just using him as a hole? Does he get off at the end of this interaction or is his orgasm not important either? I know I can be a bit vanilla at times but I’m far from totally innocent but this kind of mentality really confuses me. It goes to show that sex is quite often at least in the mind as much as the physical.

It’s one of those situations of Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Did he realise he has a small cock so start from that and become a sub? Or did the sub thing lead to the useless cock talk? SO many questions.