As I get nearer to the end of my Marriage Celebrancy course I’m now into the elective subjects about business planning and financial planning etc. Given that being a Marriage Celebrant is only going to be a bit of pocket money and not my main business I get to have a bit of a laugh to myself. Obviously I’m taking the course very seriously but last night I was doing a SWOT analysis of my business as a celebrant. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Doing some research it would appear that a lot of celebrants get asked if they’d be willing to officiate at a nude wedding. A lot of them said they would officiate at a nude wedding but not nude themselves.

This all started for me when a mate became a marriage celebrant. He and I have hung out nude on several occasions, one skinny dipping etc so we both decided that we would happily perform ceremonies nude. Maybe this is my unique selling point as a celebrant? I wouldn’t focus on it but a couple of advertisments on nudist sites or in nudist magazines could turn up a bit of business. I would have no qualms standing up in front of a nude wedding audience and performing a ceremony at a nude wedding. I would find the whole politics of nude family members quite entertaining.

I just need to finish getting qualified!

Note: I tried finding photos of a gay nude wedding, given the audience of this blog but I had no luck!