Tonight we had the first rehearsal for our Mardi Gras float. The My People My Tribe project is the theme of this year’s Mardi Gras and we are the official lead float of the parade. I haven’t done the parade in about five years so getting back into learning a dance routine has been a lot of fun this evening. At times we were chaos but by the end of the night we were doing really well.

Thankfully we aren’t dancing up the street in swimwear like I did with the Lifesavers With Pride all those years ago. This old boy ain’t what he used to be and I wouldn’t feel comfortable in speedos in front of that many people right now.

Being the first official float, only preceeded by the Dykes on Bikes, Indigenous Australians and the original protesters from 1978 it means that we will be done quite early so that I can duck back up the road to a friend’s place where he is having a party to watch the parade and have a few glasses of bubbles. It’s only 10 days away!

In honour of the occasion of me getting back into the parade I thought I’d dig up this old video a friend put together of me in my very first Mardi Gras parade in 2007, the first time the LIfesavers With Pride marched to Bonnie Tyler’s I Need A Hero. I was so much fitter then. It is so much fun dancing up that parade route. Bring it on.