I’m not one to go for fitness fads. Crossfit passed me by mainly because it looks too hard and because I was convinced that I would hurt myself.

Many years ago I used to go along to the nude yoga class in Sydney and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I should go back to doing some yoga or at least some intensive stretching as my body seems to be tightening up as I get older. That’s perfectly normal I know but why not do some beneficial stretches.

Just after thinking about some stretching, putting it out to the universe, this video pops up in my feed and damn if it doesn’t look sexy with these two guys doing yoga in kilts. It really can’t be that practical and I’m sure it’s just a bit of fun but why not? There is a cheeky butt shot at the end of the guys and I’m sure there is plenty more footage that couldn’t be used on youtube. Where is that footage I want to know?